Above: Junior Jorge Mendoza prepares for the AS Queer Resource Center’s 26th Annual Drag Show from his dorm room on Wednesday, Jan. 31. Mendoza first started performing in drag shows while a student at Washington State University, prior to being signed by a drag company. He has performed from Washington state to New York to Mexico.

Above: Using an old, oversized shirt, Mendoza sows a one-piece bodysuit. This was his first time sewing his outfit himself. “I’m very inspired by high fashion and very fashion forward things,” Mendoza said. “I don’t have the best ability to express it because I don’t have the most money as a college student.”


Right: Mendoza currently lives in a Fairhaven Complex and uses his small desk as a work space to transform himself into a drag queen for his first show. He said he brought his all by making his own mix, designing his own outfit and doing his own choreography.

Left: An excited Mendoza plays with his wigs while deciding which to wear with his handmade outfit. Mendoza styled and curled his black wig for the performance. “I’m doing really big hair because Latinas always have really big hair,” Mendoza said. “I like to represent my heritage.” 

Below: Mendoza mixed his own song for his performance to include “Hellow Shadow” feat. Keiza by SKYGGE, “Vroom Vroom” by Charli XCX, “Lemon” by Rihanna and “Took the Night” by Chelley.

Left: Back stage in the Performing Arts Center, Mendoza touches him his eyeliner while transforming into the drag queen, Anastasia Taylor Duvall, on Friday, Feb. 2.

Above: With her wig on and make up done, Anastasia Taylor Duvall hangs out back stage with other drag queens and kings, waiting to go on. “My favorite part of doing drag is the audience,” Duvall said. “I’ve always been a dancer and being in front of an audience and acting.”

Above: After a long wait, Duvall struts out on-stage to close out the show in front of a full house in the Performing Arts Center. “Nobody can tell me what I can and can’t do,” Duvall said. “Drag is literally anything.” Despite technical difficulties with the audio, Duvall brought the crowd to their feet with her explosive kicks and large splits.

Above: In the spotlight, Duvall interacts with the crowd touching hands and receiving dollar bills. As a part of the experience, audience members tipped the performers as a way to show appreciation.

Above: Duvall gives the crowd one last look and flashes her over-sized sunglasses on stage with the other 12 drag performers.

Left: Holding their tips from the crowd, Duvall begins her transformation back into Mendoza with the wig gone and make-up slightly smeared after her explosive performance. Overall, Duvall said they were happy with their performance because they made the best of it, despite the technical difficulties.

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